Nov 14

Dear Diary,

Last night was ladies night at Incahoots. Concrete plans were that we (Emily, Aerin, Heather and I) went the second Wednesday of each month. It was a ritual we religiously protected. Keith started whining, of course, the little bastard. He has developed an infuriating case of separation anxiety. When he noticed my anger rising he panicked and tried to turn things around. He attempted to convince me that he was just upset because he wanted to spend the evening with me, he just wanted to be close to me. Whatever. I turned on my heel and left him standing there. His eyes were bottomless chocolate pools of fear and confusion when he saw me walk in with his 2000 Sinister Blue Pearl Harley Davidson FLSTF carelessly hanging from my fingertips. His lips flapped like an unlatched door on a barn being assaulted by a tornado. "No, no, no, no…." was all he could mumble, his eyes never wavered from his beloved Fat Boy. Smiling evilly, I asked, "Do you know how the Fat Boy got it's name?" and used my fingernails to rip off the taillight. I let it tumble to the ground where it bounced twice and came to a rakish stop. "It came from the two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki," the headlight hurtled to the floor and exploded into millions of tiny glass daggers. "Noooooooo…" Keith wailed. "Oh yes, trust me. They were called the Fat Man and the Little Boy… and from that came the name Fat Boy," I easily tore the dual exhaust pipes off and flicked them like a booger onto the floor. "Please, please stop," he begged. At one level I was slightly sad to destroy such a beautiful motorcycle but the pure joy of shattering parts of Keith definitely outweighed any chagrin I had. The handlebars barely missed his helpless praying form when I carelessly tossed them down. I lifted the cycle to my mouth and tantalizingly ran my tongue across the fine seat. Keith watched me through tearstained eyes as I clamped my teeth around the seat and slowly pulled it away from the body. I leaned my head back and laughed loudly around the seat held prisoner by my teeth. I spit the seat out and watched it sail through the air in a perfect arc and land against the wall with a dull thud. I spun the back wheel with the tip of my finger and said "Have to be careful with these solid rims… can catch the air wrong and make handling a bit difficult." I grabbed the tire and twisted it off the body of the soft tail. The front wheel quickly followed and I flung it like a frisbee down the hall. There was a loud crash and tinkling as it landed on some unseen, obviously fragile object. Tears dampened Keith's cheeks as he hopelessly watched me demolish the expensive bike like it was nothing more than a $6 plastic toy from the dollar store. In a final show of power and strength I spiked what was left of the exquisite motorcycle like I'd just scored the winning touchdown of the Super Bowl and let out a raucous whoop. My eyes sparkled as he dodged the shrapnel of flying motorcycle guts. I looked down at my handiwork, the once gorgeous Harley was now a twisted, ruined heap of Sinister Blue Pearl scrap metal. I giggled at my strength and control and power over reducing him to a sniveling puddle of worthless goo at my feet.
I didn't give him any time to mourn his loss. I ordered him to bring me my dark blue heels. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when he dragged them in. He had shrunk to about 11" tall, at least that's what he was earlier yesterday when I stood him up to a ruler, and dragging two size 10 shoes was no easy feat. I had more chores planned for him, and things weren't going to get easier anytime soon. I had my stockings ready and waiting beside me. I dropped them to the floor and commanded him to dress me. My dimples flashed as I watched him struggle with the stretchy material. I held my foot out, poised, demanding his servitude. He finally found the hole and very carefully wiggled the material over a foot almost as long as he was tall. He left that stocking bunched around my ankle and tackled the other one. I watched him as he stood there completely at a loss as to how to proceed. My leg stretched out infinitely above him and his awe and consternation thrilled me. I rolled my eyes exasperatedly at his discomfort. I leaned down and closed my fist somewhat loosely around him. His tiny hands dug into my fingers as he felt his feet kick air. I lied back against the pillows and released him on my belly. I'd already put my bra, panties and garter on and he reverently sat on my lower stomach, entranced with the huge ropes of elastic dangling from my garter and the long, long panoramic magnitude of my legs. I took one fingernail and roughly poked him on the back, subtly urging him on. He took the hint and scrambled down to my ankles. Tiny beads of sweat popped out as he tugged and pulled the stocking over my knee and towards my thigh. It was an exciting and amusing tug of war as he tried to pull the elastic garter down my muscular thigh to meet the stocking. He used his left arm on the garter and his right on the stocking and pulled with all his tiny might until he had them close enough to hook. He softly ran his hand down my leg in a lingering caress as he returned to my ankles to repeat the process on my left leg. I rolled over so he could fasten the straps on the backs of my thighs. I felt his hands stroking that erogenous zone where my legs blended into my ass. My body responded, but I had plans and didn't want to be late. I rolled over again and sat up in one fluid motion, watching him as he was tumbled about like a child on a trampoline. I could tell by the look of longing on his face that he would have liked to put my shoes on, but I was close to running late and didn't feel like giving him the pleasure. I leaned down and grinned as he quickly pushed with his heels in a futile retreat from my descending face. "Wait right here for me, pet," I whispered, "I'll bring you something home."
The club was hopping with the usual potpourri of horny men looking for a one-night stand and it was easy as pie to pick one to my liking. I'm sure he had a name, but I don't remember what it was. It was Heather's turn to be designated driver and Emily and I took full advantage-we had to have drunk close to a fifth of Crown Royal between us. Aerin, true to her form, found her prey for the night early and we didn't see her again. Emily and I, true to our form, danced our asses off and got just a bit tipsy. Heather took her DD duties seriously and played baby-sitter as much as possible-meaning she dragged me to the lady's room after last call to tell me I shouldn't take what's-his-name home. Fat chance. I wasn't so drunk that I'd forgotten the ultimate plan.
Closing time-the lights came on and so did the beer goggles. I had what's-his-name (I'm just going to call him Bug) totally entranced and more than a little eager to accompany me anywhere. I had told Heather that I was house sitting for a friend and she dropped us off at Keith's house first. Bug couldn't keep his hands off me as we walked to the front door, and I let him cop his feel-I'd be copping my own feel soon enough. Without turning the lights on, I led him to the couch. I hoped Keith hadn't fallen asleep by the door waiting for me because he would surely get squished as we stumbled in the dark. I sat Bug on the couch and purred "Stay right here, stud, I'll be right back." I turned the light on in the bedroom and there slept Keith, peacefully snuggled between the pillows. I reached under my hair and slipped my necklace off. I tenderly scooped his small body up and before he had a chance to react I had him tethered to the bedpost with my necklace. "Wait here," I whispered, "I promised I'd bring you something home." I went back into the living room, eager to commence my plan. Silently, I led Bug back to the bedroom and quickly turned him around at the doorway. I grabbed his shirt and aggressively backed him into the dimly lit room. I rubbed against him and groaned. I placed one hand on each of his cheeks and held his head very still. I forced his eyes to lock with mine, he looked in my eyes, and I looked in his soul. I very deliberately drew his face to mine. His tongue darted out a millisecond before our lips melted together like molten solder. I kept my eyes open as I kissed him. I'd never attempted to shrink someone in this fashion, but the certainty of my abilities never wavered. From his lips I sucked every ounce of his strength, will and height. I felt the tingling he experienced… his eyes flew open, but it was too late… he was my prisoner. I was in total control of his world now. The more emotion I stole from him, the more I greedily persisted with my torrid kiss. Smaller, smaller, smaller he shrank. I now leaned over him and my lips covered most of his lower face. I hungrily savored his life forces, my nerves sizzled with my power. I reluctantly relinquished him from my indomitable lips when he was about 3" tall. I grinned at Keith. Bug followed my glance… when he saw Keith chained to the bedpost he short-circuited and promptly fainted.
I quickly stripped my clothes off and I was again strangely excited by the thought of Keith watching me. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran a fingernail down Keith's body. The shiver I produced in him caused goose bumps to pop up on my arms. I reached down and picked the still-unconscious Bug off the floor. He groggily came to and found himself in the enviable position of my plaything. I rubbed him along my body, his coarseness delightfully sparked jolts of desire on my softness. Like extra-fine grit sandpaper, I used him to buff my body to a beautiful sheen. Across my belly, around my nipples, down my legs as far as I could reach, around and around I caressed myself with my new toy. I thought about Keith as he watched from his bedpost. I fantasized that his confusion grew as he alternately thanked his luck at not being abused by me in such a manner and cursed his luck at not getting used as Bug was. He ached to feel my soft skin and be inundated with my scents-it drove him crazy with a wanton, shameless craving. I imagined him struggling against the gold ropes that bound him, struggling to be free to caress me and be my toy. My hunger grew with these thoughts, my caressing became more frantic, more intense. I slipped Bug between my strong thighs and dipped him in my honey. I stroked him over my clit in hard and fast circles, my hips jumped off the bed and into him. Gradually I pushed him, millimeter by millimeter into the hot, wet cave of my pussy. Finally, he began to struggle and his movements sent shock waves of pure delight all the way through me. I rubbed my clit furiously as he fought inside me until waves of delirium arched my back and moans tore out of my throat.
I reached down between my swollen and throbbing lower lips and grabbed one of Bug's feet. I pulled him free with a moist plop from my wetness and he limply hung from my fingertips. I brought him to my face and dangled him over my mouth like an enticing truffle. I reached out with the tip of my tongue and poked him gently with it. I lowered his head onto my lips and grabbed it with their fullness. I used my tongue to suck him into my mouth like a spaghetti noodle. I lapped my juices from every crevice of his tiny body as I slowly, slowly pulled him from my mouth. He was flaccid with fear, but I wasn't paying any attention to him anyway. He was nothing to me, nothing mattered but my pleasure, nothing was as important as what turned me on, what I wanted, my whim. I opened my mouth and let go of Bug's foot. I manipulated him with my strong, nimble tongue. I pushed him against the roof of my mouth and felt his body flatten out and mold itself to the contours of my mouth. I dropped my tongue and wrapped it around him like a blanket. I opened my lips, poked him out only to suck him quickly back in. With a final swell of power, I swallowed him. He was a bit too big, his hands and feet scraped and kicked as I felt him slither down my throat. I looked at Keith again and smiled widely-I showed him my empty mouth. I chuckled as I noticed the wet stain spreading across Keith's shirt where it stretched over his groin. His face was crimson with shame and embarrassment when he noticed me noticing the aftershocks of my erotic display. I quickly learned to not doubt my power, but it was still a small prick (no pun, ha!) of surprise that I could turn Keith on so much that he would climax with his hands tied and absolutely no manual stimulation. Now that's power, that's control. I rock!